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Selèct is thought for people living in Venice, for those who want to spend some time here, for tourists and everybody wants to have fun in this amazing city. I decided to create Selèct with a small crew of friends, who love Venice and who are in digital marketing like me.

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SUMMER LOVIN' - L'Aperitivo


Milanese aperitivo with cocktails
The summer meeting of reference in Venice for young people of all ages (!) And all the costumes (men, women, gay, straight, artists, professionals and not free, used, committed, engaged on alternate days, polyamorosi .. . or even just curious!)

Park Garage San Marco: 10,00 euro for all customers F30 Music Addicted

September by DJ Haze & Bauer

From 19pm to 22pm

Address: Fondamenta Santa Lucia, 30121 Cannareggiio, Venezia VE, Italy
Phone: 041 525 6154

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